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How to Get Out of The Mental Daze

written by Dr. Maya Sarkisyan May 15, 2019
How to Get Out of The Mental Daze

We live in a daze of information. I have a feeling that we always lived in some daze created by somebody or something influencing our minds, our free will, etc. Shamans call it “domestication,” science calls it “adaptation,” I call it “forgetting who you are.” Since we are born, somebody is telling us what to do and what to think – starting with our parents (well-meaning or not).

Whenever I do deep neuro-emotional repatterning work with my patients, I observe deep roots of any obstacles tracing into childhood years. And it is practically always in response to something with people who are so essential to us, that their reactions – not only to our actions but also to their environment – trace back to what is going on in their minds.

We learn to adapt, we get in the habit of guessing what is in the other person’s mind, and we learn to second-guess ourselves.

Hey, if, for example, your family is telling you (since you were born) that you are a future lawyer, you might believe in it on your deepest level. You will try on all the personal and professional qualities of all the lawyers you know in person or virtually. Some of these qualities might not agree with you, so you will try to either adapt or to change them to your personality.

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