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How to Take Your ‘Should’ and ‘Can’t’ and Stick It

Part Two

written by Morgan Field August 15, 2019
How to Take Your ‘Should’ and ‘Can’t’ and Stick It

Say Yes

Say yes to yourself; to things that you thought you would never do; to challenges that are put in front of you. Try new things. Experiment. Play. Similar to the fact that taste buds evolve and change as you get older, where you find yourself eating something that you once tried when you were younger, you hated it, and yet here you are now as an adult all these years later and you find that you are absolutely delighted by its taste.

Be open to new experiences. Try things even when your mind digs into the archives of the past and concludes that you don’t like them because you didn’t like them five or ten years ago, or 20+ years ago…you get the idea. Worst case scenario, you won’t like it and then you don’t continue to do it, and maybe wait a few more years to try it again just for sh*ts and giggles. But then you will know what you like and don’t like based on you of here and now.

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