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How to Have the Best Year of Your Life … Every Year

written by Morgan Field January 16, 2019
How to Have the Best Year of Your Life ... Every Year

In June of 2014, I did what most of us would call “taking a leap of faith.”  I like to call it “betting on ME.”  I put in my notice at work – I started the conversation with something most corporate employers don’t often hear… I said, “I have been doing some soul searching….” And then I quit my lucrative full-time job so that I could give every ounce of my being to the very thing that was calling to me and which feeds my soul beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before – my Life Coaching business.  I live, eat, breathe, and sleep my passion every single moment of every single day, and I could not be more in love with this business and the life that I have created. And I am going to share with you something simple that will help you do the same thing for yourself!

In the past year, I have built a thriving business, and I have created a life where I often am all, “Pinch me! Am I dreaming?! Ahhh, I LOVE life!”

I also fell madly, deeply in love with an amazing man, fell even more in love with myself, traveled the globe, met so many Epic Sexy Souls, and had more Epic Adventures and FUN than I had ever even thought possible!

And I would like you to be able to intentionally create this kind of life for yourself, too, by living life on purpose and setting an intention.

In June of 2014, I set an intention.

My number one focus was to fill my life with endless adventures! To make it the most fun year of my life! My mantra became: “Just have fun!” Every single thing I did, I asked myself, “Is this going to be fun?”  And if the answer was “No”, then I didn’t do it.  And I was always on the hunt for fun!  More fun!  More FUN!  As a result of really living by one of my life’s mottos – “If it’s not fun, why do it?” – I had the most fun year of my entire life!

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