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Take a Career Risk to Fulfill Your Purpose

written by Patrick Ow November 15, 2018
Take a Career Risk to Fulfill Your Purpose

Your advice was really valuable and very much appreciated. It is always good to have conversations where one is encouraged to take risks. You have challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, and that is exactly what I am going to do – step out, try things out and acquire as much knowledge as I can by doing things. – Desiree A.

Each one of us has a purpose to accomplish, and Desiree (quoted above) is no different. She was someone whom I had met in one of my training courses, and we later caught up for coffee when I was privileged and honored to learn about her story. As we talked about her personal aspirations, ambitions, and what’s in her heart, it became evident to me that she has a deep desire within her to create a meaningful and purposeful life.

Uniquely called for a purpose

Everyone has a WHY

Everyone has a purpose, cause, or belief that truly inspires them, and knowing our “why” gives us a filter to make choices, both at work and at home. It helps us find greater fulfillment and purpose in all that we do and how we prioritize our time.

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