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I am not a Doormat! Are You?

written by Mel Menzies October 15, 2018
I am not a Doormat! Are You?

What do you do when you’re faced with other people’s problems, you’re expected to help, and you’re almost certainly being manipulated or taken for granted? Do you simply fail to notice the way people are treating you and fall in line? Do you have a vague suspicion that you’re being exploited but get on with the job, anyway? Or do you realise what’s happening, but bite your tongue and conform to expectation?

See if you can relate to this:

  1. You are in a relationship which is, in some way, abusive.
  2. You are always being put down, verbally, both in private and in public.
  3. Your needs are never recognized, nor met.
  4. Your partner lives a life which rarely includes you.
  5. You are desperate to make things right.
  6. You are convinced that much of your unhappiness (and what you perceive as your partner’s unhappiness with you) is your fault.
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