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If I dream of you, is it you?

written by Patrick Paulin August 29, 2018
If I dream of you, is it you?

I recently became lucid in a dream and found myself seated in a large auditorium. I was surrounded by family members along with a large crowd of strangers. Right away, I noticed that sitting in front of me was a former colleague and friend of mine who I haven’t spoken with in a couple of years. I gave him a little swat on the shoulder and said, “Dan!” He slowly turned to look at me. “Dan. This is a dream! We are dreaming all of this right now.” I gestured around to the crowd and the stage in front of us. Dan continued to look at me with glassy eyes and a look of mild confusion. Without saying a word, he slowly turned his attention away from me and back to the stage. I took that as a cue and moved on to other adventures.

You know how when you wake up in the morning from a really vivid dream and, in the dream, there was an old friend, so the first thing you do is look up their number and give them a call? You tell them all about this dream and that they were in it. Then, you ask them about their dreams and you want to know… were you there? By any chance, was it the same dream?

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