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If You Can Take Only One Bag…

written by Dr. Maya Sarkisyan January 7, 2020
If You Can Take Only One Bag…

Dr. Maya Sarkisyan, RD&T contributing author, shares personal anecdotes and revelations they’ve revealed about the meaning of material things and living a life of minimalism.

Only one bag…

One rainy day, I was climbing the trekking route to Mt. Everest base camp. This particular day was especially hard; it was raining most of the day, and the trail was really steep and slippery.

I also had no idea when we would get to the next stop and what to expect. Everything important to me at that moment was inside my backpack protected by a plastic cover. And I realized – only a few more things in life were important to me in addition to these few belongings.

Perhaps I needed a little bigger backpack. But the people surrounding me, supporting me, helping each other get to the top, were what’s really important. If I missed something from my backpack, somebody would always have it to cover me. On that track, I got a valuable lesson in relationships and importance.

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