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Ill Effects of Sexualization of Children

written by Dr. Eva Bell November 6, 2018
Ill Effects of Sexualization of Children

Children are growing up too fast. They are growing up in a toxic atmosphere of consumerism, overexposure to media, and aggressive marketing. The cyber revolution offers free communication and uninhibited visuals which sexualize and objectify children at an early age. Body image and appearance become the primary focus. Long before they understand what it is to be sexual beings, sexual behavior is internalized.

Children Are Reaching Puberty Early

Researchers in Britain claim that boys and girls are reaching puberty before the age of eight. Their findings showed that 1 in 6 girls menstruate before they are 8. Fifty years ago I in 100 girls would start periods at that age. Boys also reach adolescence by 12 – 13 years.

Precocious puberty has its dangers. The rush in hormones at puberty can lead to children having sex at an early age. As a result, teenage pregnancies are on the rise. The irony of it is that though they are physically capable, they are emotionally immature and ill-equipped to handle the consequences of their behavior. 40% of 13 – 15-year-olds are no longer virgins.

Online websites encourage children to think beyond their years.
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