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Inner Disconnection = Planetary Disconnection

written by Dr. Margaret Paul July 9, 2018
man meditating - connected with himself and the planet

The disturbing lack of a personal spiritual connection that many experience has huge ramifications for our planet.

How are we doing as inhabitants of this beautiful planet? Sometimes we need to take stock of ourselves – personally, nationally and globally. On a personal level, do the majority of us see life as a sacred privilege or do we experience life as a burden or a sentence? As a society, are we healing our nation’s ills and addressing the critical issues of our time? As a planet, are we creating caring connections? And are these questions connected in a crucial way?

Judging from what I read in the news and from the thousands of individuals whose healing I have facilitated over the past many years, too many of us experience life as a burden instead of the privilege it is meant to be. There is a good reason for this: most people, even if they believe in a Higher Power/God, do not experience a direct, personal connection with a spiritual Source of love, power and wisdom. They may attend church or temple, they may pray or meditate, but a personal connection to a reliable Source of love and guidance eludes them. Without a deep, powerful, and personal connection to a Divine Source of love and guidance, we are left feeling like children crying in the night, desperate and alone. From this inner aloneness, resulting from the self-abandonment that often occurs when there is no solid spiritual connection, spring the problems of our society: anxiety, depression, illness, substance abuse and other forms of addiction (gambling, spending, sex, and so on), divorce, crime, and all forms of violence.

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