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Intimacy Deficiency Disorder (IDD)

Part Two

written by Linda & Charlie Bloom July 1, 2019
Intimacy Deficiency Disorder (IDD)

Intimacy Deficiency Disorder (IDD)  is an insidious relationship-threatening condition that if unaddressed, can undermine and severely damage even the most loving partnerships. In Part One we identified the most prevalent symptoms of IDD that manifest themselves in relationships. Here, in Part Two, we offer six steps that you can take to neutralize the damaging effects of IDD and begin to restore love, trust, and goodwill to your relationship.

Step One

Create an agreement with your partner to find a good time and place (without distractions and interruptions) to have a conversation where you can talk about some concerns that you have regarding your relationship. (Hint: It’s a good idea not to begin with the words: We need to talk.) If your partner resists or states he doesn’t have the time, reassure them that this really means a lot to you, that you consider it a high priority, and that you’ll do whatever needs to be done to make it possible for both of you to find the time. Let your partner know that you want to talk about ways in which you can both take steps to enhance the quality of your connection. The emphasis here is on the “both” part. Make sure that you minimize or avoid the use of the “Y” word (“you”).

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