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I’ve Been Exploring Open Relationships

written by Ms. Marisha Dixon August 29, 2018
I've Been Exploring Open Relationships

The first thing I want to do before explaining what this title actually means, is share with you that I was raised Baptist, and was very involved in my church — from serving as an Usher, to singing in the choir, going to Sunday school religiously (pun intended), but…

To be honest, I never felt strongly connected to the [practice] of religion. But there was no way I would have EVER been able voice my true concerns. Yes, there were times I went to church because I thought that was what I had to do. My spiritual truth likely lies somewhere in-between the lines. I have always trusted the intuitive feeling (God, The Source, The Universe) that led me to certain people and opportunities in life.  I value the way others chose to live, even if it isn’t a philosophy I personally subscribe to.

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