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Kick Being Lonely to the Curb!

Mindful Strategies to Feel Better After Divorce

written by Martha Bodyfelt November 5, 2018
Kick Being Lonely to the Curb!

Loneliness sucks. It’s a horrible feeling to think you have nobody in the world to turn to as you are trying to make sense of your divorce and your new identity.

But like all of these emotions we are dealing with, there are mindful strategies that you can use to help you start feeling better, even when you think you cannot be consoled. Let’s take a look!

Being alone does not mean being lonely.

When we are by ourselves after divorce, we make a false correlation in our minds. We think that being alone is negative and bad for us. We can’t stand the silence, we feel weird sleeping into a bed alone, and we are uneasy saying, “I,” instead of, “we.”

But why is being alone a bad thing?

It’s not.

Being by yourself means you can now breathe and look out for yourself for a change. You are now given the opportunity to heal and start over on your terms – things that would be impossible to do if you were still with someone who wasn’t giving you the love and respect you deserve.

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