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Leveraging the Power of Creation to Manifest Your Goals

written by Dina Marais November 20, 2020
Leveraging the Power of Creation to Manifest Your Goals

The ability to leverage the Power of Creation to manifest your goals is an art and a skill worth mastering, would you agree? Say you have a big business or life goal that you want to manifest that you can take through this process.

But even before we start, have you taken a step back and appreciate how awesome it is? That you want to create something new? Creating something new starts in your mind. Everything is created twice. First in your mind and then in the physical world.

What an amazing power to leverage. Your imagination. How far can you think? How big can you think? How do you train yourself to think bigger?

Wanting to create something new or different is what we are here for because that is how Source expresses itself through us. That is why all the desires you have, all the ideas you have or receive, are Divinely Inspired.

The Truth

We are not able to think of something if we didn’t have the capability to create or achieve it. If that is the truth, then I cannot help wondering, why the hell do I make it so difficult for myself and how can I shift to make it easier? Can you relate?

The irony is that we create all the time. Everything you have, your results, money, business, relationships, health, possessions – you have created it; you have manifested it in your life. So, there is no doubt that we are creators already.

What needs to shift is to create more of what we want than what we don’t want?

The Structure of Creating

Do you agree that if a process is broken down into small enough steps, that it will then show the structure of creating or manifesting?  That it then becomes a question of adding in the right ingredients to produce different results?

Everything ever created was created by thought first; that is the source of creation. That means that thoughts become things. The images you have in your mind become things.

Your thoughts have manifested the things you have now. That shows that you are a powerful creator, and if you have created the things you have now, then you can create other things. Right?

The next ingredient of the creation process is  emotion.

Whatever you think about and emotionally embrace, manifests.

So, if you have things that you don’t want, then first you have thought about them, seen them in your mind, and embraced them emotionally, albeit with fear, lack, doubt, shame, guilt. These are also emotions that energize and, therefore, manifest what you think about.

The next ingredient is action, taken or not.

Both have results. Taking the wrong action from the wrong energy, or not taking action at all, produce outcomes or consequences.

Now that we have the structure, we can design and create what we want.

Design Your Vision

Design your vision, goal, or outcome in as much detail as you can so that you can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell what the end result is of what you want to create.

See the colors and shapes, hear the sounds of voices or music, touch the things in the scene, taste and smell the air. Also, draw it in, bring it up close and hold on to the image as you explore it with your senses adding in more vivid details.

Emotionalize Your Creation

Then, as you are creating this image, feel what it feels like being there, experiencing that outcome. Step into the picture or movie and move around, speak to people, tell them what is happening, feel the excitement and joy inside you. Most importantly, feel gratitude for having it. Really appreciate you having co-created this thing that you deeply desired with the Divine.

Surrender Your Creation

This is key and the most difficult to do. To let go; to trust that the Universe will bring you what your heart desires. To know that it is not your place to direct how it is to manifest. Think of this as a collaboration between you and the Divine. Your role is to create with thought and emotion and then to surrender it to the Divine who has all the connections, unlimited supply, and infinite possibilities to make it happen.

All you have to do is to think about what you want (thought) and why you want it (emotion).

Then watch in awe how the Universe organizes things, people, places, and opportunities for the highest good of all to bring you what you desire in a most unexpected way.

Take Aligned Action

Now, while experiencing these elevated emotions, ask what aligned action is needed that will move you toward experiencing this event. Rehearse taking the action and see the desired result of the action. Notice what you feel having taken the action. Notice how your courage and confidence grow by doing that, and acknowledge yourself for stepping out of your comfort zone.

Very importantly, be open and alert for impulses or messages from your Higher Self to do something, say something, call up someone, go somewhere, read something, etc. When you do get an impulse, act on it immediately. It may seem illogical or unrelated to your goal, but it will lead to something or someone moving you closer to your goal.

Being and Doing

Manifesting is 90% about energy (being) and 10% about action (doing). Once you appreciate and leverage the power of creation by using thought and emotion and let go to be steered and shown the path, things tend to fall into place.

Focus on Being who you want to become in manifesting your goal, means you step into the State-of-Being of Mind and Emotion that elevates your energy to align with your goal. The more you practice and stay in this State-of-Being, the easier you create in harmony with the Universe.

In working with my clients to manifest their big business goals, we focus on mindset energy vibration alignment with their goals, have a plan of action as well as developing their intuition to leverage the power of co-creating with the Divine.

There’s More…

You cannot create a new future with the emotions of fear, lack, guilt, shame, frustration, apathy, or anger. You can only recreate the past as your future, letting history repeating itself over and over.

To avoid that, make sure you stay in the present moment. Possibility is in the present moment only, as is the unknown. Trust in the infinite possibility of the unknown and you allow possibility in your life. You allow the Universe to express itself through you, manifesting all your desires.

Be vigilant and guard your mind that no thought and emotion of doubt, fear, or any other low-vibration emotions pass by you unnoticed. And they will come because they are your old self that took years to integrate into your neurology.

Have the courage to be willing to accept your past and old self as wisdom.

Accept your past creations with forgiveness and compassion and know that it was all necessary to bring you where you are now.

At the same time, know that you are not your history and that the thoughts and emotions of fear and doubt have never been loving to you. Therefore, make the decision to choose thoughts and emotions that are loving to you, and that will reward you with the experiences that match the vibration of them.

Would that be worth practicing to create the life you really want and deserve?

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