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Living Rituals for a Strong Relationship

written by Linda & Charlie Bloom April 21, 2020
Living Rituals for a Strong Relationship

When we think of rituals, we often think of those offered by religious traditions, designed by others whose frame of reference may not be exactly in keeping with our own. These traditional rituals may be beautiful and soul-nourishing but not suited to our unique needs. We can continue practicing them if they give meaning to our lives, while we can create living rituals that are an expression of our current concerns. Rather than relying upon those of others, we devise behaviors that relate to our immediate reality.

Affirmations of Our Love

There are rituals such as a warm greeting upon awakening, a goodnight kiss, a hug when returning from the workday, holding hands watching a film, words of affirmation, snuggling in bed on a weekend morning, giving thanks for having our beloved partner in our life, or offering a blessing for their well-being, just to name a few. All of these activities are affirmations of our love and go a long way in strengthening the bond of our partnership. And they allow for a sweetness to permeate our relationship that helps offset the inevitable arguments that can occur when differences have to be addressed.

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