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Love Connection: 3 Ways to Love Yourself Better

written by Ms. Marisha Dixon July 9, 2018
Love connection: loving yourself

In a recent interview, I advocated for the power of self-love. In short, learning to love yourself first will help you find love in all of the [other] right places – romantically and professionally.

Today, I’m presenting 3 strategies to foster the kind of self-love that changes lives – and it all begins with self-talk.

#1: Monitor Your Self-Talk

Yep, self-talk. We’ve all heard it before, but what is it really and what’s the big hubbub anyway? Self-talk is the subtle running commentary we all have going on in our heads that isn’t likely to be voiced out loud. What you say in your mind is simply illustrating a future story – a future experience that you will (or won’t) have. That inner voice plays a huge role in determining how you feel about yourself, how you engage in romantic relationships, and how you interact with the world around you.

When it comes to your relationships and other areas of life, it’s important to monitor internal dialogue. There are several ways to do that:

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