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Love is Not All You Need

written by Linda & Charlie Bloom February 4, 2019
Love is Not All You Need

The Beatles were on the money with almost all of their songs, but on this one, I’m afraid that they got it wrong. Unfortunately, a lot of Beatle fans found themselves disappointed when they found out that love was not, in fact, all that they needed. And despite the reassurance that “It’s eeeeasy,” that also didn’t prove to be the case. Although there may be many diehard Beatle fans out there that still believe that love is easy and that it’s all you need, from my perspective, neither of these claims is true.

Of course, some things and some people are easy to love, like a newborn baby, especially if it’s your own, or a cute little puppy, or Mom’s delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies, or that beautiful Porsche convertible that just pulled up next to you at the stop light. But to unconditionally love another adult human being with your whole being, with complete vulnerability, open-heartedness, and absolute and pure adoration… it’s a great theory, but not all that easy.

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