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Making Assumptions Can Hurt Your Business

written by Dina Marais September 3, 2019
Making Assumptions Can Hurt Your Business

Yesterday I learned the lesson, once again, that assumptions can hurt your business. It was hard and painful, yet I feel so grateful for removing a blind spot I had. I hope this helps you, too. Please let me know if and how this resonates with you.

The Assumption

Do you know that moment when you realize that you made an assumption that caused a potential client to not sign up with you? And then you go into over-selling and trying to backtrack, wishing you could rewind the conversation and start again? Let me tell you my story…

Now, I work as an online business coach and I help coaches, authors, consultants and other service and knowledge-based entrepreneurs to create best-selling online programs and build a prosperous online business. So, I don’t just help someone to create their program, I help them to set up their online business as well.

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