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Making New Friends After You’ve Turned 30

Part Two: 6 Reasons Why You May Be Struggling

written by Kris Verlé June 18, 2019
Making New Friends After You've Turned 30

Sometimes it’s difficult to make friends as an adult. These tips will help you build friendships once you’ve hit your thirties.

#8: You Refuse to Turn Down the Sass

Frankness and tactful honesty are wonderful traits if you want to develop a close friendship. Unfortunately, many of us quickly turn it up a notch or two too high in the form of relentless banter and bitchy sassiness.

Guuuuurl, I’m all in favor of you teasing the hell out of me, but we’re not in RuPaul’s library, and you’re way too intense. I’d be more inclined to hang out with you once you drop that coat of armor and allow me the space to drop mine. And if you’re then still planning on roasting me, at least send me some nudes.

#9: You Think It Shouldn’t Always Be You Taking the Initiative

You’re wrong. In a perfect world, you’d both be pulling your weight and put in exactly the same effort when it comes to keeping up a friendship. But for lots of different reasons, most people aren’t actually that proactive, especially with the new season of Orange Is The New Black now available on Netflix.

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