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Manifesting Money and Other Luxury Items in Your Life

5 Things You Need To Remember

written by Randy Skilton March 11, 2019
Manifesting Money and Other Luxury Items in Your Life

Are you manifesting wealth the right way?

Many of us are frustrated and on the brink of despair because we have not been able to create wealth, despite our best efforts. The common problem is that most of us labor without engaging the power of our minds.

Remember, you are living in an energy field; a potential field for realizing your dreams. That field is lit up by the strongest emotions and thoughts that you carry. Your dominant emotions unleash the law of attraction in your life.

Whatever you think about: happiness or misery, love or loneliness, wealth or poverty: the universe will undoubtedly deliver to you.

Where you are in your life financially, right now, is a result of all the thoughts you have had about money in your life.

Those of us who have discovered the law of attraction know that we are responsible for the wealth that comes to us and that we can also block wealth from our lives. It is possible to attract enormous wealth by adjusting our thoughts to the provision of the universe. If manifesting wealth is one of your goals, you can tap the power of the universe to make your financial dreams come true.

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