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Mean World, Mean Girls

written by Jeanette Schneider July 16, 2019
Mean World, Mean Girls

How did this world come to be so mean, especially to girls?

I remember exactly where I was and what I was wearing the first time I thought my thighs looked fat. I was ten, sitting in my fifth-grade class at Forest Hills Elementary in my matching top and bottom separates. They were mint green with navy stripes and I had on bobos because we couldn’t afford Keds.

I know I didn’t lose you somewhere in the descriptors because I’m certain you stopped when I said ten and took note of the word, the age, and if you didn’t shake your head you likely paused. I shook my head this weekend as I read an article that said children as young as six are suffering from eating disorders and ten is the magical age they start discussing blow jobs.

What are we doing to our girls?

Bloomberg published an article two years ago that stated a billion women and girls are going to change the face of the global economy. Companies want them to step into leadership roles, fully recognizing the power of a woman’s influence in the boardroom and in thoughtful decision making.

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