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My Declaration: I Am a High Achiever

written by Dominique Mas November 27, 2018
My Declaration: I Am a High Achiever

One of my favorite coaches, Rich Litvin, says that a lot of great things start with a declaration. So, I would like to make my declaration:  


There, I’ve said it, and it feels good! You might wonder why it’s so important for me to say it out loud. Well, I’ll be honest with you, it’s not easy being a high achiever. For instance, I find it incredibly hard to slow down: There is always a new challenge to be won, a new project to start or a new person to help. The result? Overwhelm, vulnerability, frustration, not taking time to reflect or refresh… I could go on.

If you recognize yourself in this, I’d love for you to keep reading because you are not alone! 

Here are some high-achiever traits that my kind will recognize: 
  • I am passionate, driven and determined, and I want to do it all. Yet, I know that this comes with a cost. I burn out, I feel overwhelmed and I find it oh-so-hard to slow down. 
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