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Narcissist or Just a Jerk?

written by Jessica Baum April 23, 2020
Narcissist or Just a Jerk?

Is the person you’re dating really a narcissist, or are they just a jerk? Here’s how to tell.


We have become a society obsessed with diagnosing narcissism in the same way that a narcissist is obsessed with themselves. The truth of the matter is that narcissistic personalities don’t even make up enough of the population for the word to be thrown around as often as it is.

If we look closer at the actual numbers, we find that only around 6% of the U.S. population is considered narcissistic, with rates greater for men (7.7%) than women (4.8%). Now, that’s simply not high enough to cause a societal outburst…and, in reality, it shouldn’t matter. If you find someone mean, rude, or displeasing enough to consider them a jerk, maybe that’s enough to avoid them.

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