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On Earth We Are All On Loan to Each Other

written by Edie Weinstein January 16, 2020
On Earth We Are All On Loan to Each Other

The statement “we are all on loan to each other” came to me 20 years ago, as I found myself by the bedside of my husband Michael who was in the ICU at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia while awaiting a liver transplant that never occurred. I was engaged in one of my regular ‘God-versations,’ during which I challenged the Almighty by saying, “He’s mine and you can’t have him,” to which the loving but firm response was, “He’s mine and he’s on loan to you like everyone else in your life.” At that point, we were perhaps days away from the inevitable. When the time arrived to turn off life support since he could not be sustained without it, I got the message loud and clear, as I was surrounded by family and friends, including my then 11-year-old (now 32) son who had stood vigil with me for the five and a half weeks leading up to his last breath.

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