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Overcome the Challenges with Your Side-Hustle

Part Five: Make Money from Your Hobbies

written by Patrick Ow January 22, 2020
Overcome the Challenges with Your Side-Hustle

Building an Online Presence

The Internet has provided a wealth of new ways and opportunities for businesses to get themselves seen. It has also opened multiple doors for monetization.

Getting your online presence set up might take a bit of time, but it pays dividends in the medium term. It will also take some money to do so.

You could DIY using WordPress or hire someone to do it for you.

List your services in the business directories.

List your business on Google My Business.

There are other business or hobby directories that you can list your hobby business.

Challenges of a Hobby Business

Like anything else, there are downsides that you must know about in starting and running a hobby business.

Conduct your in-depth due diligence before you start. Go into it with your eyes open. This will reduce or eliminate any regrets you may have.

While some people may be lucky enough to never burn out when starting their hobby business, the reality is that burnouts do happen frequently with people who try to turn a hobby into a full-time job or business.

There are associated stress and mental issues that go with starting a business.

Dealing with crazy people.

When your hobby becomes a business, it means dealing with angry, rude, or unreasonable people or customers.

If dealing with crazy people is not your cup of tea, then before you know it, your hobby will become less enjoyable.

So, before you dive in, make sure you consider the pros and cons of dealing with your customers.

Monetizing strategy leads to the level of customer contact.

Your monetization strategy will dictate the level of customer contact you will experience.

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