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Parents: Letting Go of Guilt

written by Dr. Margaret Paul April 8, 2019
Parents: Letting Go of Guilt

How are your children doing? If they are doing well, then I’m sure you feel good about your parenting. If they are not doing well, what are you telling yourself about your parenting?

I should have been there for them more.

I should have been harder/easier on them.

I should have been a stay-at-home mother.

I shouldn’t have spent so much time at work.

I should have set better limits.

…and so on.

Yet most parents did the best they could, and continue doing the best they can. Statements such as those above only serve to create guilt. And the fact is that if you had known how to do it better, you probably would have, so beating yourself up for not knowing better is a waste of energy.

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