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Play Isn’t Just for Kids

Part Two

written by Linda & Charlie Bloom August 16, 2019
Play Isn't Just for Kids

Live as an Example

It could be that one of the most responsible things that we can do is to provide an example to the younger generation of adulthood as a time that continues to include fun, play, curiosity, and ongoing learning; qualities that many of us have associated primarily with childhood. It’s no wonder that so many young people try to extend childhood or adolescence in an attempt to delay the onset of a life stage that looks like it’s mostly hard work, oppressive responsibility, and not particularly much fun. Demonstrating that enjoyment and fun don’t stop when you get out of school or get married or have children could be one of the best examples that we can set for young people. Or as Linda would say:

I play a lot, and I’m certain that this contributes enormously to the overall experience of well-being that characterizes my life these days. My play takes all kinds of forms, like jumping around in the step-aerobics class in my health club or flinging myself around while I’m practicing kick-boxing or dancing in my Zumba class. It’s all about dance, and dancing is one of my favorite forms of play.

When I spend time reading books, which I find I have more time to do these days, the ideas in the books stimulate in me a kind of mind-play. I get a lot of my socializing done and get a second work out of the day in the form of walks and talks with a friend, late in the afternoon along the nearby beach. Now that I’m not so rushed, preparing a meal is a creative expression and a form of play, and I can take my time to enjoy it.

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