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Problems Are Not The Problem!

written by Ella Magers December 10, 2020
Problems Are Not The Problem!

In the book The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle says, “NOW is all we have.” That does not mean we shouldn’t have goals for the future. It means that on our path to our goals, we can be present, live in gratitude, operate from a place of abundance, and put the positive energy out that we want to get back. When it comes to problems, all too often, we think, “Once I __________, I’ll be happy, at peace, and free from stress … Once I lose weight, land the right job, or find my soulmate, everything will be butterflies and rainbows.”

We tend to think that one day we could be free from problems, like there’s a magical place that we would get to, and we would then be happy and free.

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