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Reactive Medicine and Proactive Medicine

All you need to know!

written by Dr. Maya Sarkisyan December 17, 2020
Reactive Medicine and Proactive Medicine

Are you reacting or pro-acting? Your answer can greatly affect the quality of your life! Healthcare systems around the world can be accurately described as “sick-care systems” because when people get sick, they go to doctors for treatment – this is reactive medicine. Countries and systems that take a proactive approach to health – helping people live their lives in ways that make them healthier – are truly rare.

Quality of Life

Everyone wants to live longer, but what is your preference?

  • Quality of life? Or,
  • The number of years you get to live?

Most would opt for a long and healthy life, in other words, both! But if you are healthy, your chances of living longer increase. Maintaining your health has never been easier because of modern medical developments and technologies.

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