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Read This Before Heading Home for the Holidays

written by Linda & Charlie Bloom December 28, 2018
Read This Before Heading Home for the Holidays

Holidays, family meals, and reunions can include “spirited” conversations and “enthusiastic” exchanges of opinions over the dinner table. The combination of reuniting with family members that we don’t see very often and with whom we may have some residual unfinished business, fueled by a measure of alcohol, can create a perfect storm. In order to prevent a case of severe indigestion, or worse, here are a few guidelines to consider before sitting down to the dinner table, or better still, before you make the trip to the holiday gathering.

Set an Intention

An intention is a desire plus a commitment to do whatever is in our power to have that desire fulfilled. Having an idea, vision or sense of what we want to have happen over the holiday can be our guiding light.

A couple of examples of holiday gathering intentions are:

I will participate in all of my interactions with others with an intention to bring an attitude of goodwill, respect, understanding and non-judgment.

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