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Rediscovering Spontaneity

Stepping Beyond the Comforts of Your Everyday Role

written by Ms. Marisha Dixon January 31, 2019
Rediscovering Spontaneity

Take a minute to think about what you were doing last Wednesday.  Maybe you were at class, at home, or at work. But chances are that you can’t really recollect specifics of what you were doing. Even if you can, it probably seems like any other day.

Now think back to the last month. You are likely to remember certain meetings, your days at work, the regular household chores, a special occasion or two. Also, just like any other month, right?

So what exactly is the point? That with the busy life you live, everyday routines likely don’t provide you with many opportunities for creativity or spontaneity.  In that cramped space of too many things to do, but not enough time, your innate urge to explore, to try something new, be creative, or to just have fun, tends to hide in a corner, eagerly waiting for your attention.

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