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Reinventing Yourself – It’s Never Too Late

written by Nancy Nichols October 26, 2018
Reinventing Yourself

You don’t have to be who you were yesterday.

You can achieve your goals and dreams – if you think about it continuously, if you believe it passionately, if your actions relentlessly work toward your aspirations, and if you never give up – your hopes and dreams will one day materialize.

I am the queen of reinvention. Through the years I have revamped my image, debugged my thinking, spit-shined my core identity, and refocused on a new life’s direction.

Through the years, I changed jobs often in an effort to increase my income. In my 20s, I was an advertising secretary for a major grocery chain and a newspaper advertising salesperson. Without a college degree, I made a woman’s paltry income and I worked additional part-time jobs as a door-to-door magazine salesperson, as a waitress, and as a nanny. I did whatever it took to provide for my small daughter, to pay rent, and to buy groceries.

At age 34, I went to night college to study interior design and I landed a good-paying job as an office furniture salesperson-designer. But alas, my narcissistic boss didn’t like my tenacious personality and he fired me a month before Christmas.

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