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Remembering the Future

written by Patrick Paulin January 10, 2019
Remembering the Future

I spent a lot of time walking to classes in college.  This was when I first experimented with time travel.  The campus was large, the walks were long, monotonous, and occasionally wind-whipping cold.  There was plenty of time to let my thoughts wander.  I would often fantasize about instantaneously arriving at my destination.

I guess I should have been contemplating teleportation, but, instead, I thought about time travel.  Perhaps not the time travel where I would come face-to-face with the future me and we would both be sucked through a wormhole or something.  No, I just wanted to immediately (at least mentally) arrive in my future state to avoid the rest of the 40-minute walk.  So, I decided to start small and simply send messages to myself in a future state.

The experiment looked something like this:

  1. Take note of my current position: passing the fountain in front of the library
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