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Remove the Bottleneck that Stops Your Flow

written by Dina Marais October 14, 2019
Remove the Bottleneck that Stops Your Flow

This week I experienced a bottleneck in my business that caused serious overwhelm and stopped my flow completely.

Now, I must confess that I tend to be inconsistent because I take on too many things at the same time and don’t keep track of where they all fit in. So, without prioritizing effectively, it becomes a maze of incomplete thoughts.

The result is overwhelm and then paralysis because of the chaos in my mind trying to make sense of what to do next. This then creates a bottleneck bringing everything to a standstill and prevents me from moving forward.

Beyond the Bottleneck

This also creates a sabotaging inconsistency because it prevents you from getting into a rhythm in your business that allows you to get into the flow.

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