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Resolving to Let Go

written by Jessica Baum October 17, 2018
Resolving to Let Go

When a new year begins, we are gifted an amazing opportunity to reflect on our lives thus far. We consider the past 12 months, and begin to form a list of personal resolutions based on the areas of life we wish to improve upon. Perhaps we have been stuck working the same dead-end job for years on end, and vow to finally start actively looking for something more fulfilling. Perhaps we have let our physical health take the backseat, and we promise ourselves to make it to the gym more frequently, and to eat more nutritious, well-balanced meals. Or maybe we have always wanted to travel to Spain, and finally, we pledge to set aside the time and money. When we think of resolutions, we tend to think of personal gain. What do we want to achieve in the year ahead?

Rather than focus on what we would like to attain, why not consider what it is we want (and need) to let go of?

Many of us have a difficult time sticking to our resolutions for more than several months – even weeks, in a lot of cases. As soon as February rolls around, we are back in the swing of things; working the same job, eating that same food, and dreaming of the day we will finally take initiative. Maybe next year. Why is this? Truth be told, it may be difficult for us to move forward in life if we are still clinging to self-destructive behaviors and relationships that no longer serve us. In order to strengthen our resolve and lead a life of true fulfillment, we must first acknowledge what it is that we need to leave behind. Once we shed ourselves of the things that are keeping us stuck, we will be far more equipped to stick to our resolutions long-term.

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