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Seeing Blessings in a Crisis

written by Linda & Charlie Bloom November 13, 2020
Seeing Blessings in a Crisis

It might seem surprising to see the words “blessings” and “crisis” in the same sentence as they do in the title of this article. However, we hope that you will not only see that these two words can go together, but that more often than not, they do go together. Like so many other apparent paradoxes, it all depends upon the perspective from which you’re looking at things.

Facing an Unprecedented Challenge

Don’t get us wrong. We are in no way denying or even discounting the seriousness of the circumstances in which we all (and by “we”, we mean all 7.8 billion people at last count) currently find ourselves. We are unquestionably in the midst of a bonafide international crisis that has no precedent in our lifetime. So, yes, we are confronted with the need to meet the challenges presented by this crisis with clarity, wisdom, understanding, creativity, open-mindedness, and open-heartedness.

It may require us to upgrade our ability to cultivate those qualities in order to more fully embody them. We must make the decisions and take the actions that will serve our well-being and that of others. The key to doing this lies in the actual definition of the word “crisis.” It comes from the Greek, “Krisis,” which means: “a turning point in a disease that can mean either recovery or death.” The Chinese language represents the term for crisis with two characters, which translate into “danger” and “opportunity.”

We normally associate a crisis with danger.
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