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Self-Care: Are You Resistant to Health and Fitness?

written by Dr. Margaret Paul November 30, 2018
Health and Fitness

Of course you want to be healthy and fit. Who doesn’t? But are you always motivated and willing to do what you need to do to create health and fitness?

Are you motivated to:

  • Regularly do the workout or exercise your body needs to get and stay fit?
  • Eat the foods you need to get and stay healthy?
  • Avoid the foods that erode health and fitness?
  • Continue to learn about what creates health and fitness?

Or, do you find yourself:

  • Procrastinating going to the gym or doing other forms of exercise?
  • Eating sugar and other junk food?
  • Avoiding even knowing that you are responsible for your health and fitness?

Procrastinating and resisting are ways that you might have learned to avoid feeling that you believe you cannot manage.

Why Did We Learn to Resist and Procrastinate?

Many of us grew up with parents or other caregivers who did not know how to love us in the way we needed to be loved. Not feeling loved is deeply lonely and heartbreaking to a small child. These feelings of loneliness and heartbreak, along with feeling helpless over getting the love we needed or avoiding the disapproval or punishment we could not handle, led us to learn to protect against these very painful feelings. We all learned many ways of protecting.

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