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Show Your Assertiveness at Work Without Losing Your Dignity

Part One

written by Kris Verlé July 31, 2019
Show Your Assertiveness at Work Without Losing Your Dignity

As part of this article, I’ll discuss four different ways to respond to conflict at work. I’ll hone in on one in particular – assertiveness. I’ll also provide you with 25 rough-’n-ready tips on how to argue like a pro at work.

Wired For Conflict

Whether at home or at work, we’re on a constant quest to fulfill our personal needs for protection, belonging, and significance.

As part of that process, we’re likely to step on the toes of at least a few of our colleagues, clients, family members, or customer service representatives – all looking for safety, belonging, and significance in their own way.

Once a person senses we provide a threat to their needs – rightly or wrongly – they’ll often answer with a series of obstructive behaviors aimed at protecting themselves and ultimately at restoring their own sense of belonging and significance.

Most of us will respond to this behavior in kind – creating a vicious cycle which at best ends with a bruised ego and at its worst can lead to years of international warfare.

Can’t we all just get along?

Unless you’re Miss Universe dreaming of world peace while getting your bottom pinched by Donald Trump, the answer is no.

When Ignorance Ain’t Bliss

Conflict isn’t always bad and certainly shouldn’t be avoided. As long as both parties have healthy personal boundaries in place, any dispute can hold the key to creative problem-solving.

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