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Silently Suffering Through Emotional Abuse

Part Two

written by Dr. Eva Bell July 18, 2019
Silently Suffering Through Emotional Abuse

Emotional Abuse is an invisible form of abuse. No one can see the hurt and injuries, leaving people to suffer silently and alone.

Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse is still abuse. It is a gender issue that needs to be addressed. Because it is directed against the mind, the effects are more damaging than physical battering. The tongue corrupts the person who is abusive and devalues the abused. The trauma is subtle and secretive, like a cancer that spreads silently through the mind, turning intelligent, lively women into confused, submissive zombies.

When a person is submitted to recurrent hurt and has no time to recover, there is irreparable damage to the psyche. The effect of constant humiliation is cumulative and destroys the very spirit of the person. Anyone who robs another of her self-esteem is a thief. The victim is overcome by hopelessness and despair. She loses interest in her self and her appearance. To deaden her pain, the body deadens itself. Depression follows. She even doubts her reason for living.

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