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So Now I Have Cancer

written by G. Brian Benson March 11, 2020
So Now I Have Cancer

Ok…So Now I Have Cancer.

It’s been weeks now since I got the diagnosis. It was a few short days before Christmas, to be exact. It still feels quite surreal. After revolving between being strong and self-deprecating and emotional with my son, while also being a father and a dear friend via phone calls, I tried to let it sink in. The news was numbing and I sensed it was going to take a while to land. Two days later, I traveled to Oregon to visit the rest of my family for the holidays, having decided to share the news with my Mom, brother, and sister in person. Normally a bit of a lone wolf working and living in Los Angeles, I was looking forward to being surrounded by family.

Sharing The News

The rest of my family received the news lovingly and they were supportive. As I knew they would be. I sensed their fear but they did a good job of not showing it very much. My mom even started asking about making plans to fly to LA to be with me during surgery in early March when they will be removing my prostate. It started to feel real.

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