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Spiritual Abuse

written by Dr. Margaret Paul January 3, 2019
Spiritual Abuse

Excerpt from Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By God?

A personal experience of Divine Love is available to each of us, so why don’t more of us experience it? Why are so many of us suffering but unable or unwilling to take the hand that reaches down to us? How did we lose our trust and faith in God? Why do we turn to food, sex, TV, overworking, drugs, alcohol – almost anything – rather than fill our emptiness with the love and grace of a Higher Power?

The World is Full of Suffering

The immense suffering most people feel today is the result of the many generations of spiritual abuse in our culture. Let me explain. A direct, personal experience of God as Divine Love is our birthright. Therefore, anything that disconnects you from experiencing the light of God, from knowing that you are a part of that light and have that light within you, can be termed spiritual abuse. You may think that abuse is a harsh word to use in this instance – especially in cases where the abuse is not intentional – but as we take a look at the effect spiritual abuse has on children, I think you will find the use of this term is warranted.

From birth, many of us are treated in ways that disconnect us from a direct experience of Divine Love. If you were taken away from your mother after you were born and put into a hospital nursery or left alone to cry, you likely became terrified. You were so little and helpless, unable to take care of any of your own needs. You instinctively knew that if someone did not come to take care of you, you would die. Children often unconsciously translate being left alone by their parents as being abandoned by God. While most parents dearly love their children and have no intention to abuse them in any way, they may not realize how frightening it is to babies to be left alone feeling so helpless.

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