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Squash Your Anxiety

It's a Beast that Can be Tamed

written by Dr. Erin Leonard January 24, 2020
Squash Your Anxiety

Here are five tricks which help squash anxiety. Don’t worry, none are exercise or meditation.

Understanding Anxiety

There are many strains and causes of anxiety. One type may stem from vulnerabilities in a person’s sense-of-self due to childhood injuries inflicted by an emotionally unavailable parent. A second kind may be a result of past trauma which is unconsciously triggered and sets forth feelings of fear. A third category of anxiety may originate from involvement with a toxic person who masterfully exploits otherwise manageable insecurities.

Additional types of anxiety, for example, social anxiety or a phobic anxiety, may be related to all sorts of anxieties which metastasize if left untreated. Small anxieties may have intensified and are unconsciously generalized to different situations in a person’s life. One typical type of anxiety, however, is related to the demands, expectations, and stresses of everyday life. This type of anxiety is normal and expected, but if left unattended may have a monstrous impact on a person’s life.

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