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Staying Fit For Autumn

written by Marlene Watson-Tara September 27, 2019
Staying Fit For Autumn

Autumn is officially here and the harvest moon at the start of this season was particularly breathtaking. It’s time, therefore, to delight in the flavours of autumn cooking and learn how to create delicious dishes using the fruits and vegetables of the season. Learn how to apply the Eastern wisdom about autumn in your own cooking for optimum health, nourishment and vitality.

In nature, autumn reflects dryness: when the leaves lose their moisture, they shrivel up and ‘let go’ of the branches they have hung onto since springtime. It is, therefore, the time to reflect on the past year and to prepare to withdraw as the winter months close in.

The life-giving light of the spring and the summer begins to wane, and the vigorous energy of those seasons comes to an end.

There is a beautiful sadness to autumn.

As temperatures fall and the evenings draw in, our motivation to exercise is less apparent. It is important though to stretch out the muscles of the body and get plenty of exercise. Breath is your life!

Finding out the best autumn foods to support and strengthen the body sets you up for the colder months of winter.

Seasonal cooking is the best way to safeguard your ‘chi’ (energy).

The recipes and teas below all use vegetables that are in abundance during this season and support the lungs and large intestine, so be sure to incorporate these foods into your autumn meals.

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