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Stop Judging Your Feelings

written by Dr. Margaret Paul April 14, 2020
Stop Judging Your Feelings

Judgments can block the vital information that your feelings offer you, preventing the release of stress or pain that the expression of some feelings provides.

Were you taught when you were growing up that feeling and expressing your feelings is bad or wrong, especially your painful feelings?

I often have the experience with my clients of hearing them apologize when they start crying. “I’m so sorry to get emotional,” they tell me frequently.

“Crying is fine,” I tell them. “Crying is a natural way of expressing feelings and releasing pain.” When they are sobbing very quietly, I often tell them, “It’s okay to cry loud and allow yourself to make noise.”

People Don’t Just Judge Crying

Do you judge your anger, jealousy, emptiness, or anxiety? Your depression, guilt, shame, fear, loneliness, sadness, heartbreak, grief, or even your passion or emotion? Do you think you should stay in balance and that having or expressing feelings indicates that you are not well or that you are being too vulnerable?

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