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Stop the Bedtime Battles with a Bedtime Routine

written by Marianne Riley October 24, 2019
Stop the Bedtime Battles with a Bedtime Routine

Kids don’t care about sleep the way we do. They would rather play, watch tv, or do anything active than sleep. Kids, having more stamina and energy, are likely to want to use this and thus, stay up way past their bedtime. When in fact, kids need more sleep than us! Ever notice that your kid is up before you each morning? They do not care much for sleep. For many families, every night is a battle for bed. You’ve tried everything from singing to him, reading a story, letting him watch a movie before bed, and giving him extra time to play Minecraft, in hopes of him agreeing to go to bed.

Here’s a familiar situation.

It’s 7:45 pm, and Johnny’s bedtime is 8 pm. He’s wide awake; no signs of sleepiness, and he is glued to the iPad. “Johnny, it’s time to start getting ready for bed!” Johnny doesn’t look up from his Minecraft game, doesn’t respond, and actually even pretends he didn’t hear you. You raise your voice and repeat again, “Johnny, it’s time to start getting ready for bed.” Same thing. He doesn’t budge. You grab the iPad from his hands and guide him to the bathroom where he refuses to brush his teeth. Fine, you let him skip it tonight; it’s not worth the fight. You tuck him in bed, and he looks more awake than he does during the day. You leave the room and boom, like clockwork, Johnny is in your room saying he can’t sleep ten minutes later. This happens four more times. Finally, it’s midnight, and Johnny falls asleep. Who cares that you have to be up at 5 am. Johnny doesn’t!

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