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Styles of Communication

Part 3: Rewarding Relationships

written by Mel Menzies July 9, 2018
Styles of Communicating

For those who have just joined this series on Rewarding Relationships, let me bring you up to date. The aim is not simply to illuminate ways of improving communication in a relationship, but to enhance the overall experience of couples with each other. The exercises are based on those used by the internationally recognised movement of Marriage Enrichment, and were foundational to Courses my husband and I led in the past.

In the first article, we looked at Meeting One Another’s Expectations and, in particular, at Knowing and Being Known. Following that was Daily Sharing to Deepen Love, and today we’re going to be examining the last two elements of that article, and seeing how ‘Daily Sharing: the Art of Communication’ may be incorporated into our lives.

As the British writer, Elizabeth Charles put it:

To know how to say what others only know how to think is what makes men poets or sages . . ..

The four styles of communication are:
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