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Ten Harsh Reasons He’s Not Going to Call You Again (Sorry!)

written by Nancy Nichols September 18, 2018
Ten Harsh Reasons He's Not Going to Call You Again (Sorry!)

How many of these are you guilty of?

Did his calls and texts suddenly stop?

It’s happened to all of us — we date a man who is handsome, witty, charming and fun to be with. From every indication he had a great time on your first date, too. He smiled adoringly at you during dinner, he laughed at your cute, quirky mannerisms, and he admired your style and accomplishments. Eye contact with him was mesmerizing and conversation was stimulating. The chemistry was palpable.

He gave you a soft goodnight kiss at your front door and he purred, “I’ll call you next week.” Next week came, but the phone call never did.

“What happened?” you ask. You wonder, “Did I do something wrong?” Why didn’t he call me for a second date?

Many times you did nothing wrong. Maybe timing was off for him — he’s healing from a recent breakup or he’s dealing with financial issues. Maybe the chemistry is smoking hot for you, but not for him, but it’s not a good reason to beat yourself up that he didn’t call for a second date.

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