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The Computer as a Metaphor for Life

written by G. Brian Benson June 21, 2019
Computer as a Metaphor for Life

I sit here staring at the blank screen of my new computer. It feels light and clean, weightless and present, not unlike how I feel after I meditate or go for a walk. Spacious. It feels like a deep breath. It feels like possibility.

Why didn’t my previous computer littered with folders and pictures feel this way?

Well, maybe because it was filled with a lot of “I could…” and “I should…” and “I might…” Every time I opened my old computer, I felt overwhelmed, heavy, weighted down with the expectation, a kind of neatly labeled chaos disguised as work capable of holding me back and feeling incomplete. There were folders of things I was working on, ideas and material of future projects I could work on, and some things that I would never work on.

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