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The Danger of a Covert Narcissist

written by Darlene Lancer March 6, 2019
The Danger of a Covert Narcissist

You may be fooled by a covert narcissist, but they’re every bit as much narcissists as the stereotypical, extroverted narcissists. Some narcissists may emphasize one personality trait over others. A narcissist with an outgoing personality may always show-off and need to be the center of attention, while another narcissist may be a vindictive bully, an entitled playboy, an imperious authoritarian, or an exacting know-it-all. As articulated by Madonna, “Listen, everyone is entitled to my opinion.”

Some public figures and celebrities exemplify extroverted narcissists – people who are, grandiose and crave attention. Radio host and psychologist Dr. Wendy Walsh said, “Narcissistic personality disorder is not only accepted in the entertainment industry, it’s often a requirement.” (Los Angeles Times, April 11, 2017) The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual criteria describe these types as “Exhibitionist Narcissists.”

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