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The Family We Choose

RD&T’s contributing author, Linda Bloom, shares her thoughts about the family we choose – those individuals who are an important part of our lives despite shared DNA.

I grew up in the South and my only living grandparents lived in New York City. Except for occasional visits up North, I rarely saw them. I remember having a deep longing to be close to a sweet grandmother, someone who was wise and loving, with twinkling eyes. I used to pretend that she looked like the author of my mom’s Settlement Cookbook, whose photograph graced the front of the book. She had a kind and intelligent face. I loved her thick wavy silver hair, the laugh wrinkles around her eyes, and the delicate smile on her lips. I used to pretend that she taught me to cook, never scolded me, loved me dearly, and was proud of me. I was proud of her, too. I saw her as a strong, capable woman who touched a lot of people’s lives with her delicious, nutritious recipes.

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