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The Future of Work Post-COVID-19: Future-Proof Yourself

Part Two: The Solutions

written by Patrick Ow June 22, 2020
The Future of Work Post-COVID-19: Future-Proof Yourself

Patrick Ow, shares what the future of work will look like in a post-COVID-19 world. This is Part Two, in which he offers solutions to future-proof yourself in this changing economy. 

Novel solutions to combating mental illness, boredom, and social isolation will emerge. This includes permanent changes in the way we use digital solutions and models of distributed governance.

There will be increases in digital government, online delivery of public services, electronic voting, telemedicine, digital trust and currencies, and mass online learning and teaching.

Workers need to acquire new skills and competencies to adapt to the emergence of new technologies and solutions. Hopefully, legal and regulatory barriers for adopting new technologies and innovations will also fall.

Cyber-crime will only increase when immature technologies are being rushed into service or people become complacent. This will expose weaknesses in the technologies used.

People and systems will become more vulnerable.

Economic booms can help fraudsters cover their cracks — from fictitious investment returns to exaggerated sales. But slowdowns and recessions can rip the covering off.

The crisis will see more fraud and corruption being uncovered, possibly impacting organisations and workers. It may also cause their demise.

A decade before the crisis of 2007–09, the dotcom crash exposed accounting sins at Enron and WorldCom perpetrated in the late 1990s. Both organisations went bust soon after together, with many job losses.

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